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Jan 28, 2010 6:00am EST
, but he had to focus on the economy. the president of the united states. >> reporter: president obama enters congress for his first state of the union address. one year in, the president says that the economy and job creation are at the top of his agenda. >> people are out of work, they're hurting. they need our help. i want a jobs bill on my desk without delay. >> reporter: he spoke about last year's bank bailout. >> i hated it, you hated it, it was about as popular as a root canal. >> reporter: he's proposing new tax credit. >> a new tax credit for one million small businesses who hire new workers or raise wages. while we're at it, let's also eliminate all gains on small business investments and provide a tax incentives for all large businesses an all small businesses to invest in plants and equipment. >> reporter: congress says it does not make sense and will not work. >> reporter: it's a small step. the circumstances of our time demand that we reconsider and restore the proper role of government at every level? the president addressed the debate of health care. >> our approach
Jan 13, 2010 6:00am EST
for february the 1st. >>> baltimore shoots and scores. the city is now part of the united states bid for soccer's world cut. the committee is very happy. they say the july sellout helped clinch a spot on a list of 18 series. the u.s. wants to host the world cup in either 2018 or 2022. >> i want you to think about this. because we're in contention for this indy racing league, city grown precourse that they want to put on their schedule which would be a five-year deal. isn't that supposed to be announced this spring? >> it is. >> so that would start with 2012? so that five years would take us up to 2017. next year of course would be the world cup. at that point between baseball, football, our indoor soccer, lacrosse, because they're doing that big thing down there again and you'd have five years of indy racing league. this would be a premier, major sports venue. >> i'd like it. noo i mean, the karma would be there. the it's not like this is so farfetched. it ain't a bad thing. >> good luck to us. >> that's right. let's talk some weather here. take a look at the day part. it's going to be a nice o
Jan 4, 2010 6:00am EST
. >>> flying into the united states got tougher as new security rules go into effect, after the failed bombing of a passenger jet on christmas. we have the lathest. >> reporter: starting today all travelers who want to get into the u.s. will have to play by tough new security rules but people flying from nation's considered to be countries of terrorism or -- carry on searchers and body scab scans are part of late e wave. at least 14 countries are on the list nearly all are muslim. >> philadelphia residents went onramped up but weren't impressed. >> they looked in my bag and missed one bag president it felt very artificial. >> the new guidelines come more than a week after a man allegedly tried to blow up a u.s. bound with plane on christmas day. >>> forced one of the buzziest airports to come to a complete stand still. >> we were simply told to vacate the area and to move upstairs. >> flights were grounded for hours at new jersey's newark airport after a man passed security by entering through a exit. thousands of passen gears had to be rescreened. >> they announced we had to go through secu
Jan 6, 2010 6:00am EST
of the cold spell that we've seen through most of the united states, that is impacting how investors look at what they think crude oil is going to do and then we're also looking at the fact too that this time last year although gas prices were significantly lower, we were just several months into sort of the financial collapse. >> this graph shows the 12-month national average for gas last year and maryland prices mirrored the nation. >> it could be better. gas prices could be down. i mean, because you know, because of the economy and stuff like that, so i think it would be better. >> experts advise people to keep an eye on their heating bills this winter. the price of home heating oil is also expected to rise. now back to you. >> thank you. and some are predicting gas prices will hit a national average of 3 bucks a gallon by spring. >> the ravens are facing a familiar foe in the playoffs this weekend and there's only one way to beat the patriots and that's to stop tom brady. >> we're going to try to hit the quarterback. that's part of the deal and you try to do it within the rules and th
Jan 22, 2010 6:00am EST
could help stop 92,000 deaths a year many the united states. at the prime rib restaurant in baltimore, city state's attorney says she's concerned about salt, yet also concerned about any attempts to legislate health. >> i don't know if i want, you know, government telling me how much salt to add to my food, but i do think that as consumers, we need to know the risks of certain things. >> and i also think that processed food is where we get most of it rather than from out of the salt shaker. the baltimore city health department says cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in baltimore city. hyper tension or high blood pressure is often a key risk factor in developing cardiovascular disease. and you get hyper tension sometimes from using too much salt. >> the health department plans to encourage local restaurants to post the salt content of their meals. >>> turning to restaurants in sports. one sports bar has gone the extra mile to show its pride by turning the beer blue. the bar owner says the first attempt in dyeing the beer it turned out green and of course that's the co
Jan 26, 2010 6:00am EST
united states. >> right now on key highway, very friendly joint. you have to love it. all right. thank you. have a great day. see you. >> thank you. you time. there's still time for area high school students to join our black history month, as well as scholarships, the deadline is this coming saturday. for more information, you can call 410-578-7570, or you can go to our web site,, and click on our contests section. will be back in about 190 clicks. don't go away. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> now first warning weather complete forecast and the first warning of severe weather. >>> let's look. what we are seeing here is some moisture aloft. it is not necessarily falling but indication it is cloudy out there right now. let's look at the forecast, we are at the anywhere from the low mid-30s to about 38. going to 44 today. it is going to be breezy at times, clouds at times breaking for sun. take it away. >> going green to save green. saving money and protecting the environment at the same time. here is mary bubala on how we can been aenergy saver. >> do you want to time chime in on how to
Jan 20, 2010 6:00am EST
the study to see if the state would support a new outdoor soccer stadium. it would -- and a proposed location in west port just south of spaghetti junction, it can be used to lure the dc united soccer team away from washington dc. >>> stay with wjz 13 maryland's news station, complete news, traffic and weather still ahead the morning and more on the breaking news in haiti as another ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7